Review Generation

Reviews are modern currency—better reviews, better revenue.

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Why do you need reviews?

Reviews are one of the most powerful tools on the internet. The more and better reviews you have, the more and better customers you’ll have.

It’s modern currency. By generating reviews, you’re generating revenue.

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How do people use it?

The customer receives an email that looks like the above, and they’re free to click on the social icons to a site of their choice.

Some customers would rather leave a private note, and they have that option too, just by clicking on the bottom button.

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Could your reviews use a facelift? Time to bring in the big dogs!


How do we get started?

You just send us a list of all your current customers and Rize and Rose Marketing does the rest! We’ve seen awesome results, with KRK owners getting 10+ positive reviews a week!

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